Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Week 22 Catch Up

Catch-up:  Week 22!
 Sorry guys, with all the home repairs and packing going on I got behind with my updates! 
This week's picture is actually from 2 days before I officially turned 22 weeks, but its the closest I have.
Baby Kirby's size isn't going to be changing very much over the next few weeks (especially the length).  He is still about 11 inches long, but now weighs about 1 pound!  So he can be compared to:
1 Lb Bag of Coffee Beans
Spaghetti Squash

Baby Boy Kirby's Week:
  • He is growing, but is currently very skinny!  He will spend the remainder of his time in their packing on the pounds!
  • His grasp is becoming more coordinated, meaning he may begin to grab his umbilical cord.
  • Hair is now growing on his tiny head, but with no pigmentation is currently white!
  • The brain is currently going through some rapid growth and development.
  • His eyes have fully formed, but just like his hair, the iris has not developed color yet.
  • This little guy is now awake for 10-12 hours a day;  last time this was mentioned he was only awake about 6 hours a day!

My Week:
  • We were able to go see Moon Taxi at Riverbend on June 14, and had a blast!  The pic from this week is after that show.  Baby has had the pleasure of seeing this band a total of 3 times, and I think he is beginning to recognize their music when I play it at home and in the car.  :)
  • The round ligament pains are becoming more prominent, although I still feel them mostly when I'm first stretching/getting up after sleeping and sometimes when I cough/sneeze.
  • The back ache is getting worse, and the leg cramps are awful at night!  But I did break down and by a pregnancy body pillow called the Snoogle, so hopefully that will help!!
  • Not much progress on the name yet, but I hope that soon we will have time to work on that.
See ya!

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