Saturday, July 27, 2013

Week 27!

Week 27 - Beginning of the 3rd Trimester!

Can't believe it has gotten here so fast!!  This pregnancy has flown by.  I'm sure that moving, new jobs, trying to sell the house, looking for a new house, etc has contributed to that.  But still, only a few short months away til this little guy will be here with us.  :)


Baby Kirby is now about 2lbs and around 14-15 inches long.  In other words, we can compare him to:

A Rutabaga

A Roast

And a Teddy Bear!

Baby Boy Kirby's Week:

  • He now could most definitely survive if he decides to arrive early, although it would probably be with some medical help.
  • His eyelashes continue to grow, and he now can open and close his eyes.
  • Activity is definitely increasing!
  • Body fat is beginning to accumulate so he can have that nice cuddly appearance.

My Week:

  • The movements are definitely becoming much more noticeable (both from the inside and the outside!)
  • Continue to have mild swelling of the feet/ankles, but not as bad as I would expect working 12 hours shifts!
  • A little more shortness of breath, especially with activity.
  • Sciatica still flares up occasionally, but usually not for more than a day at a time.
  • We started our registries last week!  Still have some things to add, but we got a good start!  Just in time too, because shower dates are beginning to crop up.....
  • We also picked out a crib.  :)
  • We have the name narrowed down to 4 choices, so hopefully soon.....

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Week 26

Week 26

I do have a picture for this week, but it's not really a belly shot.  I went to Atlanta for a compression hose fitting, and met with some of the Northside girls for dinner....

Baby Kirby is now close to 2 pounds and about 14 inches long.  So for our comparisons this week, we have:

A Head of Lettuce

Length of a scallion

And a Zucchini!

Baby Kirby's Week:
  • His eyes are no longer fused!  He can open and close them when he feels like it now
  • The iris of his eyes are beginning to develop some color, but not very much yet.
  • His eyelashes are fully formed now
  • He is having lots of brain development at this time!
My Week:
  • No more Sea-Bands as of Monday!  I still keep them with me, and may end up using them at work tonight...but it is progress!
  • The Prilosec seems to be helping with the reflux, hopefully it continues.
  • Leg cramps were terrible last week, but I read about some simple stretches to do before bedtime that seem to be helping now.
  • Sleeping pretty well, especially because last week of daytime orientation wore me out!!
  • My uterus is supposedly now the size of a basketball.  Wow.
  • I got my compression stockings to wear at work....tonight will be the first night trying them!
  • Little guy is becoming quite the gymnast.  I can tell the (big) difference now between when he is kicking/punching or actually turning around in there.

Week 25 Catch up!

Week 25 Catch Up!

Sorry I lied in the last post...I promised a week 25 update that would be on time and didn't do it!  But I do have a pic from last week for you.....

Baby Boy Kirby's Week 25:
He is now about 1.5 pounds and measure somewhere around 13.5 inches.  So we could say he is comparable to - 

A Head of Cauliflower

An Acorn Squash

A Papaya

  • His capillaries are forming under the skin, which makes the skin look more pink!
  • Up until now, his nostrils have been filled with mucus;  they are now opening up so he can practice breathing.
  • He is starting to gain some baby fat, and his hair is continuing to grow.
  • His body is now able to tell which was is up and which way is down!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Week 24

Week 24 Catch Up!

So sorry that I keep getting behind!  Barely making this post during Week 24, tomorrow (Monday) will officially start Week 25.  We had a lot going on this week.  Patrick started work in Chattanooga, so he has been in TN all week.  My mom came to stay with me in Atlanta while he was gone.  It was my last week of work at Northside Forysth :( which was hard.  But I had my last check up with my OB in Atlanta, and baby Kirby is still doing well!  And on the house front....we let our Realtor use the house for a home tour in Westview this past Saturday (June 29).  We actually received two offers on the house after the tour, before we even put the house on the market!!  So we are currently under contract and awaiting inspection/appraisal.  And as of last night, I'm in Chattanooga for good.  Well, besides some visits to gather last minute items from the house, sign papers as needed for the house, etc.  As I said, a lot going on!  So no picture for this week.  But I promise to post one in the next few day with my week 25 post.  

Baby Boy Kirby

He is about 12 inches long right now, and probably weighs about 1 1/3 pounds.  That means he is:

The same length as a foot-long hot dog or foot-long sub sandwich!

The size of an ear of corn

The size of a cantaloupe when he is all curled up :)

Changes for Baby Kirby this week:
  • Lungs are continuing to develop and surfactant (helps baby's lungs work correctly) is developing.
  • He is still super skinny at this point, but from here on out is supposedly going to gain weight and fill our pretty quickly.
  • His ears are continuing to develop and hearing is becoming better and better!

My Week:

  • I read that as of this week my uterus is about the size of a soccer ball!  No wonder its getting a little harder to bend over to put on socks and no wonder I'm feeling a little more out of breath!
  • The swelling is still pretty minimal, but I'm going to get fitted for some compression socks soon, just in case!!
  • Sleeping is hit or miss; some nights I sleep great and only have to get up for one bathroom break.  Other nights I toss and turn forever and feel like I'm going to the bathroom non-stop.
  • I did find out for sure over this past week that part of my issue with the throwing up has been reflux.  My doctor recommended I try a stronger over the counter med (starting to take Prilosec vs. Pepcid) and see what happens....I can always try a prescription if needed.
  • Definitely feeling him start to be much more active.  I'm really enjoying feeling him move so much!  Its still just occasionally that I can let someone else feel him during the hours I'm up and around because it is so sporadic.  But Patrick can pretty much count on being able to feel him move either before we go to sleep, when we wake up, or both!  Every once in a while, I can actually see my belly move when he moves, which is cool but a little creepy!
  • Over all, I can't complain at all!  Now that we are officially in Chattanooga, I feel like Patrick and I can really start to enjoy the pregnancy.  (AND PICK OUT A NAME!  Its driving me crazy not having a name for this little guy yet!)
Talk to you again shortly with my Week 25 update!!