Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Week 23

Week 23
Time is continuing to fly by...can't believe week 23 is here!  Sorry, I've been terrible about pictures lately.  I'll try to post one on Instagram later this week!
Baby Boy Kirby is 11.5 inches long and slightly over 1 pound in weight.  So...we could say he is about the size of:

Baby Boy Kirby's Week:
  • Skin pigmentation is starting to happen.
  • His little boy nipples are forming!
  • The lungs and pancreas are making big strides in development this week!
  • This idea kinda weirded me out, but his skinny is supposedly very saggy this week because it grows faster than he is gaining weight at the moment.
My Week:
  • Sleep is beginning to elude me more often....I hope once the move is over this might get a little better!
  • The Snoogle pillow is fabulous!  But the back ache and hip pain is sticking around...luckily its bearable!
  • Sciatica is rearing its ugly head.  It isn't all the time atleast, but can get pretty severe at times.  We will see what happens with this...
  • I have a Dr's appointment next week, so I'll give a good update after that visit!!

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