Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Week 26

Week 26

I do have a picture for this week, but it's not really a belly shot.  I went to Atlanta for a compression hose fitting, and met with some of the Northside girls for dinner....

Baby Kirby is now close to 2 pounds and about 14 inches long.  So for our comparisons this week, we have:

A Head of Lettuce

Length of a scallion

And a Zucchini!

Baby Kirby's Week:
  • His eyes are no longer fused!  He can open and close them when he feels like it now
  • The iris of his eyes are beginning to develop some color, but not very much yet.
  • His eyelashes are fully formed now
  • He is having lots of brain development at this time!
My Week:
  • No more Sea-Bands as of Monday!  I still keep them with me, and may end up using them at work tonight...but it is progress!
  • The Prilosec seems to be helping with the reflux, hopefully it continues.
  • Leg cramps were terrible last week, but I read about some simple stretches to do before bedtime that seem to be helping now.
  • Sleeping pretty well, especially because last week of daytime orientation wore me out!!
  • My uterus is supposedly now the size of a basketball.  Wow.
  • I got my compression stockings to wear at work....tonight will be the first night trying them!
  • Little guy is becoming quite the gymnast.  I can tell the (big) difference now between when he is kicking/punching or actually turning around in there.

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