Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Week 25 Catch up!

Week 25 Catch Up!

Sorry I lied in the last post...I promised a week 25 update that would be on time and didn't do it!  But I do have a pic from last week for you.....

Baby Boy Kirby's Week 25:
He is now about 1.5 pounds and measure somewhere around 13.5 inches.  So we could say he is comparable to - 

A Head of Cauliflower

An Acorn Squash

A Papaya

  • His capillaries are forming under the skin, which makes the skin look more pink!
  • Up until now, his nostrils have been filled with mucus;  they are now opening up so he can practice breathing.
  • He is starting to gain some baby fat, and his hair is continuing to grow.
  • His body is now able to tell which was is up and which way is down!

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